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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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15 investors backed the search of Mexican AVS Capital

Antonio del Valle Sierra has launched AVS Capital, a Mexican SF, aimed at identifying opportunities in industries poised to leverage Mexico’s nearshoring trend.

15 investors supported the launch of Criluz Capital, a Spanish duo SF

Pablo Páez and Gonzalo Fernández have teamed up to launch Criluz Capital. They have the backing of 15 investors, including...

Bentayga Capital embarks on its journey with the support of many private investors &...

Rafael Gonzalez Herrmann has launched Bentayga Capital, the first SF based in the Canary Islands, to seek, acquire and manage...

Anton & Stephan, a Vienna-based duo of searchers, launched ASPEON Partners

Anton Stockert and Stephan Pöll have established Aspeon Partner, a Vienna-based search fund aimed at...

Spanish investors backed the launch of Triare Capital

Luis Díez Rodríguez-Arias has successfully launched his own SF, Triare Capital, attracting investment from a dozen of...

Vancouver-based Lnkd Capital secures search capital from international investors

The oversubscription of Lndk Capital underscores the strong confidence and trust placed in...

Aquilae Relevo successfully launched its SF to help experienced entrepreneurs to pass on the...

Miguel Cano has recently launched Aquilae Relevo and successfully attracted a dozen Spanish private and institutional investors...

Nusatu Capital marks Malaysia’s first traditional SF

As the concept of SF continues to gain momentum across Asia, Nusatu Capital is Malaysia’s first traditional SF...

Cneo Partners attracts 18 investors to buy a Spanish company

Jose Maria Jover Santillana and Ignacio Jarava met in 2009 on the first day of university and have since shared the dream of building...

Garlic Equity Capital has been established as the 1st traditional SF in Singapore

Building on the success of other self-funded SFs in Singapore, including Silver Straits Capital and Potter Capital, which...

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