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Navigating the Post-Exit Odyssey: A Dozen Crucial Questions for Entrepreneurs

In the intricate realm of entrepreneurship, the moment of selling a business is both triumphant and challenging...

Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Women in Search Funds – Insights from the 2023...

The Women in Search Funds 2023 Study, conducted by the Women’s Search Network, reveals significant growth...

Unveiling the Key Leadership Insights from “Exploring the CEO’s Leadership Role in a Search...

Yale Case. By: Jeff Stevens / Mark Anderegg / A. J. Wasserstein In the article...

Exploring Open-Book Management in a SF

Yale Case. By: Steve Divitkos / A. J. Wasserstein In the article “Exploring Open-Book Management...

8 questions aspiring entrepreneurs should consider before launching a SF & 10 reasons to...

We are thrilled by the increasing popularity of ETA on MBA campuses. This model, we believe, offers a unique pathway for young, inexperienced entrepreneurs to step into a CEO role immediately after completing their MBA.

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