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How can Search Funds utilise a real estate sale & leaseback to buy the...

By Mathew Wainwright, Director, European Transactions, Ascension Advisory. To make it easier for you to...

Optimal Capital Structure on a Search Fund with Capital Intensive businesses

With over 13 years of experience in capital-intensive businesses within the oil and gas sector, I've witnessed firsthand and...

Navigating Company Acquisitions: Crafting a Comprehensive Letter of Intent

The acquisition process of a company typically commences with the potential buyer, in this case a Search Fund, signing a non-disclosure agreement and...

Is it true that searchers seem to gravitate towards larger companies than before?

How does this trend impact the multiple range, and are we going to see searchers competing with private equity players targeting small SMEs?

Legal Aspects in the Formation and Structuring of Search Funds

For some time now, the so-called Search Fund investment model has been gaining importance and entity...

The key steps in executing a Search Fund transaction and top tips for an...

Once a searcher has identified a target company and had an offer verbally accepted it is time to execute the transaction.

The ETVEs and their practical application for Investors and SearchFunds

By Joan Riera - Lawyer - AVQ To make it easier for you to read...

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